Reputation Management

Bad news travels fast, especially online.

It’s important to monitor what people are saying about you and your business. We can help you maintain your good name with monitoring and resolution services to keep things positive, all over the web.

Review Generation Set up – We will create a landing page to generate new reviews, showcase testimonials on multiple platforms and manage customer feedback and monitor valuable review statistics.

Review Generation (only available with Reputation & Directory Listing Submissions) – By highlighting and streamlining the review process, we can generate more positive reviews. Monthly, we send an email asking customers to write reviews on your review landing page. Those reviewers who leave a positive review will be asked to share it on the review site of their choice. Negative reviews will be forwarded to you to respond and mitigate appropriately.

Reputation Management & Directory Listing Submissions – By monitoring online traffic to find mentions and reviews of your company, we can use the information gathered to promote positive mentions/reviews and mitigate/respond to negative ones. We will monitor what people say publicly about your company, brand and key people, including reviews. We will encourage more reviews with social posts that link to review sites. We will highlight positive reviews through social media and respond to negative reviews with relevant pre-approved answers tailored to the language of each review. When a necessary response falls outside the scope of our pre-approved answers, we will involve you for a more personal response.