The Country Today

The Country Today is our weekly, agriculture publication invited into homes as a paid circulation newspaper. Circulation of The Country Today primarily covers the state of Wisconsin.


  • Over 15,000 paid subscribers
  • The Country Today covers the state of WI, also parts of MN, IA, IL & MI
  • 67% of readers have subscribed to The Country Today for 15 years or more
  • 2.15 Readers per paper
  • 73% of readers spend 45 min. or more reading The Country Today each week
  • 91% of readers are age 40-70
  • 58% of Subscribers are full-time farmers
  • 84% say someone from the family will take over the farm after they retire

Most read sections:
Farm Features, Dairy & News
Auction Notices
Yarns of Yesteryear
Outdoor News